Programs & Strategies

The Coalition, along with our many members, partners and collaborators, implement evidence based prevention strategies and recovery focused programs. Here is a sample of what we offer…

Hidden in Plain Sight

Would you recognize the signs of drug use in your child’s room?

This interactive display, set-up as a mock teen bedroom, allows parents to explore, investigate and learn to recognize signs of drug and alcohol use, drug culture and other causes for concern. Trouble looks different than it did 20 years ago, and we work to keep parents updated about new and concerning trends.

Natural High

What is your “Natural High”?

This program uses engaging videos of inspiring cultural icons to motivate youth to live a drug-free life. The videos and accompanying activities encourage students to explore, investigate and pursue the types of healthy interests, arts and hobbies that produce a “Natural High”. Learning that happiness is accessible can be powerful and protective.

Know the Law

How can you follow the law if you don‘t “Know the Law”?

This program, taught by local law enforcement officers, educates youth on the laws most likely to affect them and the possible consequences of breaking those laws. Students are given a safe space to ask questions, in an environment that promotes positive youth and officer interaction. Ignorance of the law is never an excuse. Educating youth about the law empowers them to make good decisions.

Hope Dealers

Are you tired of your dope dealer? Try a Hope Dealer!

Are you, or someone you love, struggling with addiction? Hope Dealers are people who have been through it, are currently in long term recovery and can connect you to available people and resources that promote recovery and can help you achieve your own healthy long-term recovery. These FREE local certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists, with lived experience, are available in our community to walk beside you, proving recovery is possible in Dixie County!

Rural Opioid Response Program (RCORP)

Has anyone you know been affected by the Opioid Epidemic?

This program applies HRSA funding to local activities aimed at mitigating the affects of opioids in our community. The activities, identified and prioritized by a mutli-sector Opioid Consortium, include primary prevention, EMS para-medicine, Narcan distribution, safe storage and disposal options, law enforcement education and support, overdose prevention, medicated assisted treatment and the development of a recovery community organization led by residents in recovery.

Recovery Community Organization (RCO)

Would you know where to find local recovery resources?

The Dixie Recovery Community Organization, led by residents in recovery, is a one-stop shop for all things recovery related in Dixie County. The RCO is dedicated to fulfilling the following mission:

Promote a network of local resources brought together BY people in recovery from substance use disorder, FOR people in recovery from substance use disorder, that will encourage long term recovery and improve the lives of those in recovery by:
·   Focusing on the whole person,  
·   Rebuilding physical and mental health,
·   Promoting the recovery process, and       
·   Expanding the opportunities
of our family, friends and neighbors in recovery (and those that love them)